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High Static Pressure Ducted Dx Air Conditioning Units With V-Belt Transmission

High Static Pressure Ducted Dx Air Conditioning Units With V-Belt Transmission

    • High Static Pressure Ducted Dx Air Conditioning Units With V-Belt Transmission
    • High Static Pressure Ducted Dx Air Conditioning Units With V-Belt Transmission
    • High Static Pressure Ducted Dx Air Conditioning Units With V-Belt Transmission
  • High Static Pressure Ducted Dx Air Conditioning Units With V-Belt Transmission

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Euroklimat
    Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CRAA, CQC
    Model Number: EKDB 250A(R) - EKDB 350A(R)

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Packed in carton firstly,and then reinforced with wooden case for outer packing
    Delivery Time: 10 working days after received your payment
    Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
    Supply Ability: 3,000pcs per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Produce Name: EKDB 250A(R) - EKDB 350A(R) Air Flow Range: 13600 M3/h~17850 M3/h
    Cooling Capacity Range: 64 KW~85 KW Heating Capacity Range: 64 KW~93 KW

    EKDB 250A(R) - EKDB 350A(R) high static pressure duct type air conditioning unit





    Technical data sheet


    Unit model Indoor unit EKDB 250A EKDB 250AR EKDB 300A EKDB 300AR EKDB350A EKDB350AR
    Outdoor unit 2xEKAA 125AB 2xEKAA 125ARB 2xEKAA 150AB 2xEKAA 150ARB 2xEKAA125AB
    Nominal cooling capacity W 64000 60000 80000 78000 85000 85000
    Nominal heating capacity W -- 64000 -- 90000 -- 93000
    Indoor unit Air flow m3/h 13600 13600 15300 15300 17850 17850
    External static pressure Pa 200 200 200 200 200 200
    Fan drive mode   V-belt transmission
    Width x depth x height mm 1719x965x736
    Weight kg 2242x1059x746 2242x1059x898 2022x1199x1546
    Outdoor unit Compressor model   Fully hermetic volute
    Width x depth x height mm 2x990x840x1840 2x1290x840x1840 3x990x840x1840
    Weight kg 2x270 2x285 2x285 2x300 2x270+265 2x285+280
    Power supply 380V/3N~/50Hz
    Rated input power
    of integrated unit
    Cooling W 25100 24490 35560 34215 31600 33000
    Heating W -- 19500 -- 29000 -- 28600
    Rated current of integrated unit Cooling A 45 44 61 60 66 67
    Heating A -- 41 -- 56 -- 63
    Refrigerant Type   R22
    Connection pipe Connect mode   Soldering
    External diameter of liquid tube mm 2x15.88 2x15.88 3x15.88
    External diameter of air tube mm 2x28.6 2x34.9 3x28.6
    Condensed water drainage
    External electric heater box Model   ACDB-EH6, ACDB-EH8, ACDB-EH10, ACDB-EH12.5, ACDB-EH15, ACDB-EH20, ACDB-EH25, ACDB- EH30, ACDB-EH38, ACDB-EH45, ACDB-EH55
    Description   You can select an external electric heater box according to the required heating capacity. For specifications
    of external electric heater boxes, see P22.


    ■ The rated cooling capacity is measured in the following condition: The indoor air dry bulb reads 27°C, the wet bulb reads 19°C, and the
    outdoor dry bulb reads 35°C. The condition for the rated heating capacity is as follows: The indoor air dry bulb reads 20°C, the outdoor dry
    bulb reads 7°C, and the wet bulb reads 6°C. The cooling capacity and heating capacity change according to the conditions. During model
    selection, you need to select a proper model based on local climatic conditions.
    ■ External static pressure indicates the static pressure under the nominal air flow. The static pressure may change depending on customer
    requirements. For the specific value, see the reading on the nameplate.
    ■ The unit input power and current are based on the standard external static pressure. If the customer requires a different external static
    pressure, check the nameplate on the unit for the power and current values.
    ■ The specifications may suffer change due to product update. The readings on the nameplate of the unit prevail.
    ■ The preceding data is based on the condition that the connection pipe between indoor and outdoor units is 7.5m.
    ■ For details about on-site power distribution and wiring for unit installation, see the nameplate or installation manual of the unit.
    ■ No refrigerant is filled into any unit upon factory delivery.





    1, Outstanding fans, motors and other components specially designed for air conditioners ensure that the unit operates smoothly.

    2, Brand-new dustproof and rustproof painting makes sure that the outdoor unit looks new after many years of operation.

    3, The outdoor unit adopts modular design and stepped startup, efficiently reducing shock on the grid.

    4, Multiple levels of cooling are provided, allowing differential energy regulation under different load conditions and reducing the operating cost.

    5, The compressors support even wear, prolonging the lifecycle

    6, Featuring a high static pressure design, the indoor unit can supply conditioned air over a long distance, enabling customers to select the installation site as required. To service any component of the unit, you only need to remove several screws on either side of the unit.

    7, The connection pipe between indoor and outdoor units reaches up to 50 m, and the height difference can reach 20 m.

    8, The outdoor unit adopts top air supply, allowing combined installation of multiple outdoor units for pleasant appearance.

    9, The indoor unit features an efficient and low-noise centrifugal fan as well as sound-absorbing and thermal insulation inner walls to ensure silent operation.

    10, The indoor unit can be mounted on a far-away ceiling to make the conditioned room more silent.

    11, Unique insulation design for compressors ensures an outstanding insulation performance.

    12, The outdoor unit uses new spiral fans, which have smooth an air suction structure, greatly reduce turbulent flows, and lower the air flow noise.

    13, The smart microcomputer controller supports four operation modes: cooling, heating, fan, and auto control. It also provides timed ON/OFF, auto-defrosting, and fault display functions.

    14, The unit uses a brand efficient volute compressor, which consumes less electricity while providing the same cooling/ heating capacity. The compressor features a small volume and stable running. The unit uses advanced thermal expansion valve control technology to accurately control tributary flows.

    15, During operation, if the power fails, the unit can automatically start once the power resumes no matter how long the power failure lasts. After starting from an exceptional power failure, the unit automatically resumes the running status before the power failure. This function is not enabled upon factory delivery. It needs to be set through DIP switches on site.

    16, The unit has strong adaptability to the environment. It can normally perform cooling when the outdoor temperature is between 18°C and 48°C. It can normally perform heating when the outdoor temperature is between -10°C and 27°C.

    17, The outdoor unit of the low-temperature cooling unit uses a brushless DC motor to control the rotation speed of the condensing fan, efficiently expanding the operating range of the unit and allowing it to normally perform cooling when the outdoor ambient temperature is between -10°C and 48°C.

    18, Multiple types of units with electric heater boxes or hot water coil boxes are available.

    19, The outdoor unit produces a low noise. The system is optimized to suppress vibration and noise during operation, achieving quiet and stable unit running.

    20, The unit normally runs within ±10% of the rated voltage

    21,The shell of the outdoor unit is sprayed with anti-UV and pure polyester mineral highlighter on dual sides, effectively prolonging the lifecycle of the unit.



    The EKDB high static pressure duct type air conditioning unit meets customer requirements for product efficiency, performance, safety, and intelligence. Flexible combination and intelligent control allow the product to fit into indoor space, bringing customers comfortable experience of a central air conditioner. In addition, a low temperature cooling unit is available. With its efficiency, low noise, delicate structure, easy operation, safe running, and convenient installation and maintenance, it is widely applicable to commercial scenarios such as hotels, malls, office buildings, and factory workshops.



    Competitive Advantage:

    1.Outstanding Performance    

    2. Multi-system design (EKDB200~EKDB600) 

    3. Easy Installation              

    4. Silent Operation                       

    5. Smart Control                 

    6. Increasing Efficiency and Saving Energy                  

    7. Power Recovery and Memory Functions        

    8. Wide Application Scope             

    9. Optimized System and Quiet Running         

    10. Wide Voltage Range                  

     11. Multiple Protections              

    12. Dual-sided spraying for long lifecycle

    High Static Pressure Ducted Dx Air Conditioning Units With V-Belt Transmission

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