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R134a Refrigerant Water Cooled Screw Chiller BITZER compressors

R134a Refrigerant Water Cooled Screw Chiller BITZER compressors

    • R134a Refrigerant Water Cooled Screw Chiller BITZER compressors
    • R134a Refrigerant Water Cooled Screw Chiller BITZER compressors
    • R134a Refrigerant Water Cooled Screw Chiller BITZER compressors
  • R134a Refrigerant Water Cooled Screw Chiller BITZER compressors

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: EuroKlimat
    Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CRAA, CQC
    Model Number: EKSC210B3

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
    Price: negotiation
    Packaging Details: Plywood
    Delivery Time: 40 working days after received your payment
    Supply Ability: 60pcs per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Cooling Capacity(kW): 738.8 Cooling Power Input(kW): 131.4
    Compressor QTY: 1 Compressor Type: Bitzer Double-screw Compressor
    Operation Step: 25%~100% Power Supply: 380V/3~/50Hz

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    R134a Refrigerant Water Cooled Screw Chiller BITZER compressors 


    Cooling Cpacity range : 243.6~1640.7kW

    Refrigerant : R134a

    Touch Screen

    Bitzer Dual Screw Compressor

    Unit Features
    1.Single system flooded evaporator Multi-compressor single-system design.
    The industry-leading single-system flooded evaporator design and multicompressor single-system design enable the single compressor system to provide cooling capacity of up to 500 RT. The compressors start one by one, greatly reducing shock of the startup current on the grid. In partial load, the dual compressors run by turns, providing a long life cycle.
    2.Oil separation efficiency as high as 99.95% 
    The air return outlet of the flooded evaporator is directly connected to the air suction inlet of the compressor. The optimal built-in oil route lubricating system is equipped with an innovative external efficient oil separator, which has a unique structure to change the flow direction and works with a multi-layer high-density oil filter to deliver the optimal oil separation effect with efficiency of more than 99.95%. The air return outlet of the flooded evaporator is directly connected to the air suction inlet of the compressor. This effectively reduces pressure loss and ineffective overheat of the air suction pipeline. Such design is compact, efficient and energy-saving.
    3.Environment-friendly R134a refrigerant ,
    The refrigerant injection amount is reduced by 50% or more compared with a traditional flooded unit. The lubricant injection amount is reduced by 50% or more compared with a traditional flooded unit. Applicable to heat pump, full heat recovery, and cooling accumulation conditions.
    4.Efficient and stable R134a flooded screw compressor
    ■ EK’s latest leading R134a efficient dual-screw compressor technology specifically designed for flooded unit is used. The maximum cooling capacity of a single-compressor system can reach 450 RT, efficiently reducing the number of compressors while obtaining high full-load COP. The full series unit meets
    national requirements for energy efficiency of energy-saving air-conditioning products.
    ■ Direct connection design
    The air return outlet of the flooded evaporator is directly connected to the air suction inlet of the compressor. This effectively reduces pressure loss and ineffective overheat of the air suction pipeline. Such a design is compact, efficient and energy-saving.
    ■ Oil supply upon pressure difference
    The optimal built-in oil route lubricating system is equipped with an innovative external efficient oil separator. The oil is supplied through pressure difference. The structure is simple, safe and efficient.
    ■ Oil spray and noise reduction
    The unique oil spray and noise reduction function can spray a small amount of lubricant to the air exhaust side, and form an even oil film on the surface of the rotor to absorb sound energy and reduce the overall noise of the compressors. In addition, the even oil film can efficiently lubricate and seal, reducing the leakage amount and improving compressor efficiency.
    ■ Motor cooling
    International famous efficient dual-pole three-phase F-level insulation induction motor is used. The independent motor cooling and heat dissipation design efficiently reduces the air suction pressure loss and invalid overheat of air suction. A PT100 temperature sensor is built in, and an INT69 module array is configured to protect the motor, providing active control on motor temperature rise. The coil temperature of the compressor motor can be accurately monitored and regulated to ensure long-term and wide-range running of the motor in the running range of the compressors
    ■ The design of smart control on even spray for liquid refrigerant is adopted, improving the compressor efficiency while fully reducing the risks of large-amount leakage of refrigerant and lubricant. In addition, no heat is discharged to the equipment room, saving the initial investment and running expenses for cooling equipment in the equipment room.
    ■ Capacity spool
    The spool-type load adder/reducer device is used as the compressor regulation mode. The capacity spool structure configures a highly reliable international brand electromagnet for precise control and perfect match with actual load to ensure efficient running of the unit, provide comfort and save the energy.
    ■ Dual-layer shell
    A fine dual-layer shell f o r g e d b y g r a y c a s t iron and processed by precision M/C machine tools is used. A threedimensional precision tester is used to test the processing precision, ensuring that the gap of the compressor meets the requirements of highefficiency calculation.
    The dual-layer design complies with pressure-bearing requirements, and reduces the noise. Such a high-strength and high-rigidity design ensures long-term running of the compressor.
    5.Efficient heat exchanger
    ■ All internal heat exchange pipes use efficient heat exchange copper pipes with inner and outer
    threads to ensure optimal heat exchange flow rate of the refrigerant and chilling medium, enhance the
    heat transfer at the water side and refrigerant side, optimize the heat transfer efficiency, reduce energy
    consumption of the unit, and lower the running expenses.
    ■ The evaporator adopts the latest efficient flooded design to efficiently reduce the filling amount of
    the refrigerant by 50% or more compared with a traditional flooded heat exchanger.
    ■ The unique built-in over-cooling design of the system can fully avoid hydraulic shock of compressors and improve the cooling capacity and efficiency of the unit.
    ■ The multi-level automatic oil return system accurately returns oil regardless of theliquid level, eliminating impact on heat exchange efficiency.
    ■ The standard piping mode provided by the heat exchanger is trough coupling connection (with short
    tube), facilitating field installation. Each evaporator and condenser is equipped with independent air exhaust and water drainage devices.
    6.Precise and efficient liquid level control
    ■ The full series adopts liquid level controller with high-resolution digital display and international famous brand electronic expansion valve to steadily control the liquid level of the evaporator at the optimal position so that the unit achieves the optimal heat exchange effect at any load. This ensures high performance running of the unit and apparently improves the efficiency under partial load.
    7.Smart Control
    ■ The large-screen LCD developed by EK is directly connected to the digital control center, greatly improving efficiency and providing monitoring, data recording, security protection, and easy operations.
    ■ The chilled water outlet temperature is controlled to a precision of ±0.2oC. Various sensors in the system can accurately transfer signals and data to the controller so that the controller can protect unit parts in a timely manner, ensuring reliable running of the unit.
    ■ Three-level password protection prevents mis-operation by non-professional personnel and ensures safe running of the unit. In addition, multiple protection functions are provided.
    ■ All running parameters and alerts of the unit can be recorded and saved.
    ■ The start/stop of the unit can be remotely controlled and data can be transmitted over Internet.
    8.Centralized control
    EK centralized control system adopts the industryleading control solution. The product configuration
    is applicable to the control system solution for the chilled pump, cooling pump and cooling tower.
    Multiple persons are allowed to control and monitor the unit on the homepage of a Microsoft-based web
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    R134a Refrigerant Water Cooled Screw Chiller BITZER compressors

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