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DC Inverter VRF Air Conditioner

DC Inverter VRF Air Conditioner

  • DC Inverter VRF Air Conditioner
  • DC Inverter VRF Air Conditioner
  • DC Inverter VRF Air Conditioner
DC Inverter VRF Air Conditioner
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EuroKlimat
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CRAA, CQC
Model Number: EKRV-FT/FS
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Pallet
Delivery Time: 20 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1500 units per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: DC Inverter Multi-connected Central Air Conditioner Refrigerant: R410A
Cooling Capacity(kW): 25.2 KW~357 KW Ultra-long Connecting Pipe: Max Pipe Length:1100m
Charging Per Customer: Electricity Fee Can Be Calculated In Real Time Based On Customers' Actual Usage. Use: Room,Hotel
Warranty: 1 Year Function: Cooolind & Heating
Power Supply: 380~415V/3N/50Hz
High Light:

DC Inverter VRF Air Conditioner


25.2KW VRF Air Conditioner


R410A vrf air conditioning system


Full DC Inverter VRF Air Conditioner R410A 25.2 kW~357 kW


Condensing Unit Cooling Capacity : 25.2KW-357KW

Indoor Unit Type : Ceilling Concealed Ducted Type, High ESP Ducted Type , Fresh Air Duct Type , 4 Way Cassette type,1 Way Cassette type,2 Way Cassette,Ceiling/standing type.

Indoor Unit Cooling Capacity :1HP~32HP


Key technical points


1.Super capacity:The capacity of the largest single module is 42HP,breaking through the limit.The capacity of the multi-modile combination is up to 126Hp

2.Enhanced vapor injection technology:Engergy saving ha been greatly improved,the heating capacity is strong,and the operating at -30℃ is stable.

3.DC inverted frequency technology:Compressor and fan are of DC inverted frequency.With the control accuracy of 0.01Hz,the unit capacity output is more accurate.

4.Ultrahigh energy efficiency:The PLV(C) of the whole units is up to 9.60 which far surpasses the national first-class energy efficiency standard.

5.New heat exchanger:The patented supercooling/frost-proof heat exchanger dasign is of a new bend ventilation structure,which can greatly improve refrigeration/heating perfomance.

6.14 mute technologies:Including the technologies of patented compressore soundproof box and large diameter streamlined fan blade help create a more quiet and comfor table environment.

7.Multistage oil return technollogy:Such as patented cross oil return and intelligent oil balancing ensure the best opeeration state of the systerm.

8.Secondary supercooling technology:The high-efficiency economizer realizes secondary supercooling,and the highest supercooling temperature is high up to 30℃,which greatly improves the operation efficiency.

9.Intelligent control:Intelligent control systems such as individual billing system meet te diverse control needs of customers.




Higher Energy Efficiency


By using a PWM valve to control the time ratio of unloading and loading status, the DC inverter scroll compressor can continuously regulate the capacity within a range of 10%–100%, increasing the precision of capacity regulation and the stability of indoor temperature.


Low Energy Consumption


The unit boasts an outstanding IPLV(C) (refrigerating coefficient of performance). The full series of units features an IPLV(C) that is far higher than China national standard energy efficiency level 1st.


More Advanced Technologies


Quick Start Technologies


EKRV series DC Inverter multi-connected central air conditioners can run in full load within a short period, quickly meeting indoor requirements.


Supercooling Technologies


Enlarges the condenser of the outdoor unit to implement level-1 supercooling, and then uses an efficient supercooler to implement level-2 supercooling, reaching a total supercooling degree of 19.6°C. Enhances the cooling capability of the unit and improves the efficiency of the unit. Reduces the pressure loss when the refrigerant is circulated in the pipe, rationally allocating the ultra-long accessory pipe and refrigerant.


DC inverter motor


Fans of outdoor units can be regulated at 32 levels based on load changes, improving efficiency and reducing noise.


The unit can safely run under partial load for a long time.


Intelligent Defrosting Technologies;


Wide operation range


EKRV series digital multi-connected central air-conditioning units can generate cooling result in ambient temperature of 55°C.


Ultra-long Connecting Pipe


Total pipe length


Max. equivalent length of a single pipe


Max. actual length of a single pipe


Max. vertical span between outdoor and indoor units


Max. vertical span between indoor units



Easy Installation


The system can provide an external static pressure of 50 Pa, ensuring the heat dissipation result of the outdoor unit under the same installation conditions (optional).

A higher external static pressure ensures that the outdoor unit can be flexibly installed at a rooftop, compartment, balcony, or equipment floor, preventing overload of the unit due to poor ventilation


More Secure


Dual Backup Operation with Guaranteed Security

Automatic Fault Diagnosis

Technologies for Automatic Identification of Pipe Length

Multiple Measures to Effectively Protect Compressors

Door Card Function (Optional)

Intelligent and Balanced Operation Management


Electronic expansion valve


The unit uses an electronic expansion valve with 4000-step capacity regulation to increase the precision of superheat degree control (liquid level control), enhance the operation security, and improve energy saving.


More Intelligent


Centralized Monitoring Software


One set of EKRV centralized monitoring software can control up to 2048 indoor units, meeting customers' requirements for large-scale centralized management.


Separate Control Charging per Customer


The unit can fairly and rationally divide the electricity quantity based on the model, operation mode, operation time, air supply/ return efficiency, and refrigerant flow of the air conditioning unit to protect the rights and interests of all owners. The unit provides customers with functions such as owner management, price and recharge management, energy saving management.


Centralized Control


Models of indoor units are diverse for selection.


Indoor units cover 6 series and 63 capacity types, and total fresh air indoor units are available, fully meeting customer requirements.


More Environment-friendly


Full Compliance with RoHS Directive,

Environment-friendly Refrigerant,

Automatic Refrigerant Recovery Technologies,

Automatic Determination of Refrigerant Charge,

Energy Consumption of 5 W in Standby Mode(a Record Low in the Industry)




hotels,entertainment centers, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, cinemas,

factories, school supermarkets and so on.




Capacity HP 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
Power supply 380-415V/3N~/50Hz
Rated cooling capacity kW 25.2 28 34 40 45 51 56.5 62 68
Rated heating capacity kW 28 31.5 37.5 45 50.5 57 63 69 75
Rated power of cooling kW 5.85 6.9 8.62 10.37 12.22 13.55 15.03 16.55 17.24
Rated power of heating kW 5.97 7.07 8.96 10.72 12.25 13.62 15.12 16.76 17.92
Rated current of cooling A 11.3 13.4 16.4 20.2 23.3 25.8 28.6 31.4 32.7
Rated current of heating A 11.4 13.7 17.1 20.4 23.3 25.9 28.7 31.8 34
Max working current A 22.5 24.9 25.8 39.1 40.3 45.2 47.1 48.6 51.6
Liquid pipe mm (inch) 9.52 12.7 15.88
Gas pipe mm (inch) 19.05 22.23 25.4 28.6
Pipe connection Liquid pipe Connecting bell-mouthed terminal with threaded joint
Gas pipe Connecting bell-mouthed terminal with threaded joint Welding
Unit weight kg 205 215 235 315 325 345 355 365 370
Sound level dB(A) 56 57 60 60 60 61 61 61 62
Refrigerant R410A
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 920×760×1640 1140×835×1640 1655×835×1640


Capacity HP 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42
Power supply 380-415V/3N~/50Hz
Rated cooling capacity kW 74 79 85.2 90 96 102 108 114 119
Rated heating capacity kW 82.5 88 95 100.5 107.5 114 120 127.5 133
Rated power of cooling kW 18.99 20.84 22.4 23.45 25.77 27.1 27.61 29.36 31.21
Rated power kW 19.68 21.21 22.73 23.83 25.87 27.24 28.64 30.4 31.93
of heating
Rated current of cooling A 36 39.5 42.5 44.5 48.9 51.4 52.4 55.7 59.2
Rated current of heating A 37.3 40.2 43.1 45.2 49.1 51.7 54.3 57.7 60.6
Max working A 64.9 66.1 71.1 73.5 75.5 78.5 85.5 90 92.5
Liquid pipe mm 19.05
Gas pipe mm 31.8 38.1
Pipe connection mode Liquid pipe Connecting bell-mouthed terminal with threaded joint
Gas pipe Welding
Unit weight kg 480 485 510 515 545 550 575 580 585
Sound level dB(A) 62 62 63 63 63 63 63 63 64
Refrigerant R410A
Dimensions (W x D x H)   1780×835×1640 2615×835×1640






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