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R134a Spray Two Stage Semi - Hermetic Centrifugal Chiller With Micro Computer Control

R134a Spray Two Stage Semi - Hermetic Centrifugal Chiller With Micro Computer Control

  • R134a Spray Two Stage Semi - Hermetic Centrifugal Chiller With Micro Computer Control
  • R134a Spray Two Stage Semi - Hermetic Centrifugal Chiller With Micro Computer Control
  • R134a Spray Two Stage Semi - Hermetic Centrifugal Chiller With Micro Computer Control
  • R134a Spray Two Stage Semi - Hermetic Centrifugal Chiller With Micro Computer Control
R134a Spray Two Stage Semi - Hermetic Centrifugal Chiller With Micro Computer Control
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: EuroKlimat
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CRAA, CQC
Model Number: EKDC
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Plywood
Delivery Time: 45 working days after received your payment
Supply Ability: 100pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: High Efficiency Water Cooled Falling Film Centrifugal Chiller Refrigerant: R134a
Cooling Capacity (ton): 1223-1529 Start Type: Directly (High Voltage)
Power Supply: 6kV/3Ph/50Hz, 10kV/3Ph/50Hz Control Panel: Touch Screen
Control: PID Modbus-RTU Communication: Option
Compressor Type: Centrifugal Evaporator Type: Spray Type (Falling Film)
Condenser Type: High Efficiency Shell-tube
High Light:

water cooled centrifugal chiller


centrifugal water cooled chiller


Eco-friendly Centrifugal Chiller Using  Water Cooled Falling Film Evaporator 1223-1529ton




Model   EKDC1200 EKDC1300 EKDC1400 EKDC1500
Nominal Cooling Cooling Capacity U.S.RT 1223 1325 1427 1529
kW 4302 4661 5019 5378
x104kCal/h 370 401 432 463
Input Power kW 698 760 822 879
COP kW / kW 6.16 6.13 6.11 6.12
Chilled Water Flow m3/h 740 802 863 925
Chilled Water Pressure Drop kPa 95 95 96 98
Cooling Water Flow m3/h 860 932 1005 1076
Cooling Water Pressure Drop kPa 97 98 98 98
Cooling* Cooling Capacity U.S.RT 1194 1293 1393 1492
kW 4199 4549 4899 5249
x104kCal/h 361 391 421 451
Input Power kW 721 785 849 908
COP kW / kW 5.82 5.79 5.77 5.78
Chilled Water Flow m3/h 722 782 843 903
Chilled Water Pressure Drop kPa 90 90 92 93
Cooling Water Flow m3/h 846 917 989 1059
Cooling Water Pressure Drop kPa 94 95 95 95
Compressor Type   Two Stage Semi-hermetic Centrifugal
Start Type   Directly (High Voltage)
Power Supply    6kV/3Ph/50Hz, 10kV/3Ph/50Hz
Condenser Type   Shell-Tube
Qty.   1 1 1 1
Evaporator Type   Spray ( Falling Film)
Qty.   1 1 1 1
Refrigerant   R134a
Control Type   Water Temp. PID Control
Chilled Water Pipe Size DN 350 350 350 350
Cooling Water Pipe Size DN 350 350 350 350
Insulation Material   Rubber flexible closed foam insulation materials
Unit Net Weight kg 15500 16500 18000 18000
Operating Weight kg 17500 18600 20000 20000
Rated Current
(Nominal Cooling)
6kV A 76 87 97 104
10kV A 46 52 59 63
Rated Current
6kV A 79 90 100 107
10kV A 48 54 61 65
Starting Current 6kV A 494 524 555 555
10kV A 319 338 359 359



■ Nominal cooling conditions: Chilled water entering/leaving Temp.:12/7℃,cooling water entering/leaving Temp.:30/35℃;

■ Cooling* conditions :Chilled water entering/leaving Temp.:12/7℃,cooling water entering/leaving Temp.:32/37℃;

■ Water side standard bearing pressure 1.0MPa;

■ Above evaporator and condenser water side pressure drop not including external water pipe and the other parts resistance;

■ Evaporator and condenser water pipe is flange connection;

■ Refer to unit nameplate or manual for job site power supply arrangement.




EKDC series water-cooled falling film centrifugal chiller adhering to energy saving and environmental protection of the brand concept, can provide chilled water for central air conditioning system in hotel, hospital, pharmaceutical, theater, stadium, recreation center, commercial building, office building, industrial and mining enterprises; also can for textile, chemical, food and electronic research to provide chilled water for process usage.




Environment Friendly Refrigerant 


R134a is environment friendly refrigerant, zero ozone depletion, safety & non-poison, un-burnable, green & environment friendly, comply with current development trend of international environmental protection.


High Efficiency two-stage Compression Design


Using high efficiency two-stage hermetic impeller compression increases efficiency more than 6%, lower relative speed, lower noise level, small vibration, higher reliability. Adopting three-dimensional flow high efficiency aluminum hermetic impeller design, greatly decrease air leakage;  five-axis machining with higher precision, so can effective reduce impeller axis loss and separate loss, and greatly increase impeller efficiency.  Than unit efficiency is better than national standards for energy conservation.


Reliable Oil Recovery Device-Induced Jet Pump


Through induced jet pump, on the condition of no energy loss make use of middle pressure steam flashing to achieve low pressure side oil recovery function.


Refrigerant Flow Control Kit-Orifice Plate


• Use orifice plate to control refrigerant flow. Each set orifice plate is designed and produced according to Centrifugal Chiller performance; so that can get the best match.

• Orifice plate without any moving part, so that it is more reliable than the other throttle valves that need mechanical transmission


Spray Type (Falling Film) Evaporator


• The refrigerant into the evaporator is a heat exchange tube array on the spray direction. The liquid refrigerant in the tube wall to form a thin film flow down, also known as the falling film evaporator. Because only in the surface of the heat exchanger tube is covered with a layer of liquid refrigerant film, so the heat transfer effect is excellent

• Using refrigerant circulation pump as the refrigerant throttling device from economizer to the evaporator, meanwhile pump out liquid refrigerant in evaporator bottom for recycling; in order to improve the refrigerant supply for evaporator upper copper pipe, so that can make sure that all copper pipes are covered by liquid refrigerant. Unit no need precise water level correction, only for general positioning, evaporator can play high normal performance.

• Only evaporator bottom has a small amount of liquid refrigerant so that refrigerant charge is less, complying with environment protection.

• After a large amount of refrigerant evaporation, lubrication oil concentrate in evaporator bottom; and then oil pump can draw out lubrication oil smoothly and then oil back to compressor oil groove.


High Efficiency Advanced Centrifugal Compressor


Centrifugal compressor has two-stage compression, internal using high strength alloy main shaft and hermetic impeller, using high precision gear, using non-flat high strength ball/roller bearing; so that emergency stop is ok. Unit start interval can be shortened to 10 minutes, and bearing life can up to 80000 hours.


High Efficiency Condenser


Condenser is divided into two parts, guide plate installed in the middle that can guide liquid refrigerant to the shell edge, can greatly improve lower copper pipe heat exchange efficiency. For large tonnage unit, this design is very effective, can reduce condensing Temp. 0.5~1℃.


Authority Certificate


We have industry’s most advanced test room for centrifugal chiller, this test room has passed China National Accreditation Committee audit qualification (CNAS L5123), strictly complying with GB/T10870-2001, GB/T18430.1-2007; testing capacity up to 3000RT. Before delivery, each unit has done strict full performance test to ensure unit performance.


Advanced Control


• Micro Computer Control

• Touch Screen Panel

• PID Control

• Perfect Protection Function

• Multiple Anti Surge Function

• Reserve Connecting Port for Use




Hotel, Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Theater, Stadium, Recreation Center, Commercial Building, Office Building, Industrial & Mining Enterprises, Textile, Chemical, Food and Electronic Research.

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