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Industrial 130kW EER 3.39 Air Cooled Modular Chiller Heat Pump Unit

Industrial 130kW EER 3.39 Air Cooled Modular Chiller Heat Pump Unit

  • Industrial 130kW EER 3.39 Air Cooled Modular Chiller Heat Pump Unit
  • Industrial 130kW EER 3.39 Air Cooled Modular Chiller Heat Pump Unit
Industrial 130kW EER 3.39 Air Cooled Modular Chiller Heat Pump Unit
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Euroklimat
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CRAA, CQC
Model Number: EKAC 460A(R)
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Packed in carton firstly,and then reinforced with wooden case for outer packing
Delivery Time: 10 working days after received your payment
Payment Terms: T/T or western Union
Supply Ability: 1800 pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Cooling Capacity Range: 130 KW~2080 KW Heating Capacity Range: 140 KW~2240kW
EER: 3.39 Pipe: Inner Grooved Heat Exchange Copper Pipe
High Light:

air source heat pump


heat pump outside unit

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Environmentally-Friendly Refrigerant-Type Modular Air-Cooled Heat Pump Unit







■ Test conditions for nominal cooling capacity: nominal water flow for cooling mode; outlet water temperature 7°C; outdoor ambient
temperature 35°C.
■ Test conditions for nominal heating capacity: nominal water flow for heating mode; outlet water temperature 7°C; temperature of outdoor
dry/wet bulb: 7°C/6°C.
■ Water resistance at the air conditioner side includes water pressure drop of the unit and the attached Y-shaped filter.
■ The operating weight of the unit is about 1.05 to 1.1 times its net weight.
■ The water main of the modular unit needs to be customized and installed on site. The diameter of the pipe must meet design requirements.
EK does not provide the pipe.
■ Modular units can be formed using 1~16 basic modules of the same model or different modules as required. The above table lists the
parameters for common module combinations formed using 1 to 5 modules.




1. The 130 kW modular unit saves investments on water systems. Compared with two 65 kW modules, one 130 kW modular unit saves the investment on the pipeline and accessories of one water system.

2. Compared with a combination of two 65 kW modules, one 130 kW,  modular unit saves the land area by 14%.

3. The 130 kW modules support seamless installation and save the land area by 30% compared with 65 kW modules when multiple modules are combined during installation.

4. Sixteen 130kW modules may be combined, which easily expands the capacity of an air-cooled modular unit from 130 kW to 2080 kW.

5. The unit inherits the advantages of the 65 kW module, and uses the precise flow control technologies by using electronic expansion valves and efficient plate-type heat exchangers. The system performs optimal matching to ensure that the energy efficiency of the unit is above the energy performance certification standard of.

6. The RoHS certified environment-friendly galvanized steel sheet and 120μm-thick orange-peel spraying endow the unit shell with anti-erosion, hard fall-off, and slow fading. This makes the unit work a long time.

7. The unit adopts high-performing inner grooved copper pipes provided by well-known suppliers, which help the refrigerant form liquid film on the inner walls of the pipes, greatly increasing the heat exchange efficiency.

8. Compared with the traditional air-cooled modular unit that uses a thermal expansion valve, EK air-cooled modular unit uses 500-step PMV electronic pulse for precise adjustment to implement precise PID control. The system implements real-time matching and precise water temperature control, fully improving the optimal performance of each component inside the system. This makes the unit operate steadily at any workload and automatically adapt to varying ambient temperatures, solving the oscillation issue of a cooling system. In addition, the temperature output of the system is more steady, and the indoor temperature is more balanced, improving comfort.

9. The genuine dual-system panel-type heat exchanger can bear a 3.0 MPa pressure at the water side, and provide the pressure bearing capability for a water system in a high building. Compared with a shell-and-tube heat exchanger, this heat exchanger delivers higher heat exchange efficiency, and provides a cleaner internal environment. Compared with a traditional back-to-back heat exchanger, it provides higher heat exchanger efficiency and delivers higher anti-freeze capability at partial workload. When operating at partial workload, it provides higher heat exchange efficiency. A standard configuration provides a water pressure drop switch to monitor the unit water flow in real time as well as precise anti-freeze control.

10. Different from a traditional secondary pumping system, the primary Pumping Variable Flow System features variable flows at the refrigerant side and workload side and shares one transducer pump group. Its flow may drop with the workload of the air conditioner, greatly saving the operating expenses for the chilled water pump of the air conditioning system.

11. The unit may send out 2-way valve water control signals to cut off chilled water. This enables automatic flow control for pumps in line with the transducer, which helps easily implement primary Pumping Variable Flow System.

12. It is applicable to projects where the cooling workload of the air conditioner changes greatly, and the air conditioner works at partial workload for a long time.

13. Compared with the secondary pumping system, it saves the initial investment on the cooling water pump and pipes at the primary pumping system and on the power distribution system, and requires a smaller area of the equipment room.

14. EK test center is accredited by the CNAS national test lab. The EKAC modular air-cooled heat pump units pass the tests for extreme conditions by the national test lab, including anti-erosion, exhaustion, and frequent start. This endows the unit with extremely high reliability.  Each unit passes 100% reliability test before factory delivery for quality assurance.  A standard configuration provides a water sieve and a water pressure drop switch, which ensures that the unit does not run when the water supply is short or cut off.

15. The unit provides 13 powerful built-in protection functions, including protection against high/low voltage of compressors, protection against phase loss or inversion of the power supply, protection against frequent startup, compressor over-current protection, compressor air exhaust temperature protection, protection against unit overheating, sensor fault protection, anti-freeze protection for cooling, anti-freeze protection for the water system in winter, water flow protection, and ambient temperature protection.

16. The fan uses low-noise axial blades driven by the motor in direct connection. The blades pass dynamic balance and static balance tests. The whole unit is designed with shock isolation and multi-plenum noise reduction. Fully hermetic volute low-noise compressors from famous vendors and efficient low-noise fans ensure leading-edge noise and vibration levels. With the help of noise spectrum analysis, components such as fan and motor are carefully compared, selected, and improved, and noises of the structure and pipes are reduced.

17. The unit adopts intelligent defrosting technologies for precise defrosting settings, which help make comprehensive judgment based on the ambient temperature and suction temperature. The unit saves energy as much as possible by automatically correcting the conditions for defrosting based on the change curve of the coil temperature and by taking defrosting conditions in previous periods into account. In this manner, the unit implements precise defrosting based on the actual conditions, ensuring maximum operation time for normal heating, and minimizing the fluctuation of hot water temperature due to defrosting.

18. Any EK slave module may become a master module upon switchover. Damage to the master module does not affect running of other modules. In addition, any combination may be formed by using modules of the same or different models. A system may consist of 16 modules. Products of other vendors support only a specific unit as the master module. Once the master module is damaged, the whole system cannot work properly. As a result, debugging and maintenance are difficult.

19. The unit adopts a micro computer control system with a large screen LCD, facilitating use. Each control system can dynamically monitor the running status of 16 units, and supports RS485 communication interfaces. The control system runs the Modbus protocol for cluster control.                                        

  • Switching between cooling and heating modes                        

  • Parameter setting: real-time setting, cooling/heating water inlet / outlet temperature, anti-freeze temperature, and defrosting temperature           

• Automatic and manual defrosting                                                    

• Timed turn-on/off on a weekly basis                                               

• Automatic fault diagnosis                                                        

• Turn-on/off from a distance of up to 1000 m                                               

• Chilled water pump start/stop control                                                

• Water pump protection feedback                                                        

• Auxiliary electric heating control                                                   

• Balanced compressor wear and staged module startup                                   

• Power failure memory                                                            

• Historic fault inquiry                                                                

• Tow-way valve control for the water system                                              

• Interlocking control for two-way valves at ends


Competitive Advantage:


EKAC series modular air-cooled chilled water (heat pump) unit (130 kW) features 40 years of air-cooled heat pump design experiences from Italy and fits into the actual applications of the modular unit market in China. The unit implements seamless combination and occupies less installation space and land area compared with a 65 kW modular unit. Its energy efficiency far exceeds Level 2 energy efficiency standard of China. The unit may be widely applied to new and reconstructed industrial and residential buildings of all sizes, including hotels, entertainment centers, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings, cinemas, factories, and supermarkets. It is particularly applicable to the following scenarios: the noise level is regulated, water is in short supply, and cooling water towers are inapplicable.  Modular units feature flexible installation, staged investments, and a short construction period. No cooling water systems are required, the pipeline is simple, and the investment amount is moderate. This makes modular units preferred by customers.

Industrial 130kW EER 3.39 Air Cooled Modular Chiller Heat Pump Unit 0

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